The 1st CBT courses in Milton Keynes

by HelenC / 2018-06-12 /
News Article

The 1st CBT took place on Saturday 9th June at our new Milton Keynes training ground.

Calvin and Leon were the 1st to try out the new bikes and kit.

Alex (the Instructor) and I arrived at the training ground in Wolverton MK bright and early to receive Calvin and Leon who arrived at 8.

The guys seemed excited at the prospect of learning to ride on the road. They had both riden before but mostly motocross.

Alex was in his element as he kicked off with element A of the 5 elements of the CBT.

A -

  • Eyesight test (reading a number plate from a certain distance away.
  • Legal requirements
  • Aims (the reason for the CBT)
  • Equipment and clothing

B -

  • Controls overview
  • Walk around the bike

C -

  • Getting to know the bike; riding around to gain confidence on 2 wheels.
  • Off road training (Slow manouvers on the training ground)

D -

  • Safety talk (including - Highway code, hazard perception, observations etc)

E -

  • The Road ride - 2 hours of riding around MK.

The weather was lovely and everything ran smoothly.

So if you see these lads out and about give them a wave.

No doubt they will be completing their full licence course in no time.